Our cattle are raised on pasture and finished with grain to provide quality meat. We do not inject our animals with steroids or hormones.

Antibiotics are only used when necessary to treat illness and prevent disease outbreaks. This ensures the optimal health and well-being of the herd.

Our cattle are handled using humane methods and processed in a provincially inspected facility.


Processing is done annually, from September to December. Pre-orders are accepted on a first come, first serve basis, while quantities are available.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required when pre-ordering beef by the quarter, half, or whole.


Bulk Order - Prices

Full (approx. 500 lb-226.8kg) and half (approx. 250 lb-113.4kg): $6/454g (lb)

Quarter (front): $7/454g (lb)

Quarter (back): $10/454g (lb)


Beef Boxes - Prices

25lb-11.3kg Box (assorted cuts): $250

50lb -22.7kg Box (assorted cuts): $500



Individual Cuts - Prices


Prime Rib: $20/454g (lb)

Sirloin Tip: $10/454g (lb)

Outside Round: $9/454g (lb)

Eye of Round: $9/454g (lb)

Brisket: $9/454g (lb)

Cross Shoulder: $8.50/454g (lb)



Tenderloin: $30/454g (lb)

Rib Eye: $22/454g (lb)

Striploin: $20/454g (lb)

Porterhouse: $17/454g (lb)

T-bone: $17/454g (lb)

Top Sirloin: $13/454g (lb)

Bottom Sirloin: $13/454g (lb)

Inside Round: $10/454g (lb)

Blade: $8/454g (lb)



Ground Beef: $8/454g (lb)

Stew Meat: $9/454g (lb)

Short Ribs: $8/454g (lb)

Heart: $5/454g (lb)

Kidney: $5/454g (lb)

Liver: $5/454g (lb)

Tail: $5/454g (lb)

Tongue: $6/454g (lb)

Marrow Bones: $5/454g (lb)


~ Please contact us for details or to order ~