Our chickens and turkeys are naturally raised without the use of hormones. They have ample room to range around outside in our lush green pastures.

Medicated feed is only used on our chicks to prevent outbreaks of Coccidiosis, which can be devastating to baby chicks (we are working on methods to potentially remove this from our process). Proper nutrition, clean water, fresh air, and ample space for exercise, ensures the optimal health and well-being of the flock.

Our chickens and turkeys are handled using humane methods and processed in a provincially inspected facility.


Processing for chickens is done throughout the spring and summer, and processing for turkeys is done in October and November. Pre-orders are accepted on a first come, first serve basis, while quantities are available.


Whole: $11/kg ($5/lb)

Breasts: $26.40/kg ($12/lb)

Drumsticks: $15.40/kg ($7/lb)

Thighs: $15.40/kg ($7/lb) - SOLD OUT

Wings: $13.64/kg ($6.20/lb)

Deboned drumsticks & thighs: $22/kg ($10/lb)

Soup Bones: $9.90/kg ($4.50/lb)

Stewing Chicken: $7.70/kg ($3.50/lb)

Livers/Hearts: $9.90/kg ($4.50/lb)


We do two batches of Turkeys, one on October 2, 2018 for Thanksgiving and the second one is in November for Christmas. We only have limited quantities and take pre-orders for our turkeys with a $25 deposit - contact us today to pre-order yours! 

Whole Turkeys are $9.90/kg ($4.50/lb)